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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Project 365: Days 69 - 75

Day 69: A family get together - As it was mother's Day we all went to my sisters for food.  The boys had great fun playing with their cousins and I enjoyed a good chat with my mother and sisters.  O decided that he wanted to try on some 3D glasses and was delighted when everyone laughed at him.  He is quite the little joker.

Day 70: Jigsaw marathon - I got home from work to find that the boys had filled the floor with jigsaws. They had a lovely time putting together as many jigsaws as they could find, but what I loved was that they worked together really well.  Hardly any fighting, crying or screaming for once.

Day 71: Hungry Hippos - I've been to work today but managed to catch this photo of the three boys playing Hungry Hippos.  I love it when they play games together.

Day 72: Flower - My Mothers Day flowers are still going well.  I'm going to try to learn how to take the perfect shot of a flower.  That's my mission for the next few weeks.

Day 73: Swings - O managed to talk me into taking him to the park after the school run even though it was freezing.  It was great to see him running around and getting some fresh air, and he particularly loved the swing.  

Day 74: Finger painting - O asked to do some painting this morning so we got the finger paints out and covered the floor.  I enjoyed getting mucky and dabbing paint everywhere; including all over himself.  We now have a series of dots over numerous pieces of paper :-)

Day 75: Snow! - It wasn't forecast but we've just had a really heavy downfall of snow.  It's all white outside.  It looks very pretty but I'm starting to get desperate for some warmer weather.  Will I ever be able to get my sandals out from the back of the wardrobe?

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Project 365: Days 41 - 47

I am struggling to blog at the moment but will be continuing with Project 365.  Here goes week 7.

Day 41: Pancakes! - The children were going to spend a few days at their grandparents so I decided to do Pancake Day early.  My eldest helped to make the batter and then it was my middle boy's responsibility to spread the nutella on. My youngest just helped to eat them.  They were delicious.

Day 42: A quiet meal in - the children are spending the night at their grandparents so hubby and I got to sit down to a nice meal and glass of wine without any interruptions.  It was very strange.

Day 43: A sad day - I received a telephone call from my sister late on Monday night letting me know that our uncle had passed away.  He had fought a very long and brave battle with cancer and my mother had been with him every step of the way.  My mother is the most amazing woman I know. I am sad for the loss of my uncle, and sad for my mother who has lost her little brother.  (I know this is cheating as it's a screen shot rather than a photo but it's the best I could do for today.)

Day 44: A touch of snow - my boys are home from their grandparents and were very excited to see some snow.  We only had a bot of a dusting though, and the rain washed it all away later in the day.  They still managed an hour outside.

Day 45: Happy Valentines Day - hubby gave me this single red rose.  We had decided not to do anything for Valentines Day but he came home from work with this rose the day before.  I think it was more to do with what has been happening this week and how sad I've been rather than a romantic gesture, but it was still lovely.

Day 46: Arts and crafts - our local Council had an open day at the sports centre so I took the boys down for a few hours.  Here they are enjoying painting Spongebob Squarepants onto a bag.  I think they've done a really good job.  Unfortunately, this deteriorated a little while later and my youngest ended up with lots of glue and glitter in his hair.  That was fun to get out.

Day 47: Sleepy time - I have spent the day shopping, cleaning and ironing and will admit to almost forgetting to take a photo.  I managed this one just twenty minutes before midnight.  It may be last minute but I do love photos of them sleeping.

My favourite photo this week is the photo of the rose.  It reminds me that there is beauty in life even when I feel like everything around me is falling apart.  I feel so sad.

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Project 365: Days 20 - 26

Here is week 4 of Project 365.  You can join in too over on The Boy And Me.

Day 20: Today was jigsaw day
Day 21: Oldest helping my youngest do a Thomas jigsaw on the iPad
Day 22: Fascinated by bubbles
Day 23: I found a great new setting on my camera
Day 24: Helping clear the piles of snow
Day 25: My oldest got the Writer of the Month trophy from school!
Day 26: car shopping - I think my youngest has found the car of his dreams

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Snow Days

It's Day 8 of snow here.  The children love it and don't want it to go, but I'm getting quite sick of it now.  I dread doing the school run as there's nowhere to park due to piles of snow everywhere, and the postman hasn't made it into my street for a week!
View from my window
The great thing about it is seeing the children have so much fun.  I've been looking through my photos from the last week and love to see the children so rosy cheeked and smiling.

All smiles
The long walk back up the hill

The only disappointment is that I don't seem to have any of my oldest.  He just races off and is too fast for me.  I'll try to catch him before the snow disappears.  He did build this fabulous snowman though.  Hubby finished it off with some Lego pieces, a bucket, cones and a toy golf club!  Strangest looking snowman I've ever seen.

Our Lego snowman
My youngest wasn't too keen on the snow; in fact, he refused to go out for the first few days but curiosity finally got the better of him and so here he is taking a few precarious steps in the snow outside the house while his big brother helps to clear some snow from the driveway.
Little one finally made it out in the snow
Big brother helping to clear the snow
Yet another snowman

Whatever I think of the snow it is very pretty.  I took this photo of my neighbours tree because I love the way it looks all covered in snow.

Did you get any snow where you are?  Are you still enjoying it, or will you be glad to see the back of it?  I've never been more desperate for it to rain (don't tell my boys I said that!)

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Project 365: Days 13 - 19

Here is week 3 of Project 365.  This week we've been to a birthday party, IKEA and then it all ended with snow.  

Day 13:  Playing with a bead table at soft play
Day 14: All about work. Here is some completed homework
Day 15: Temper tantrums
Day 16: An expedition through outer IKEA
Day 17: Sleeping beauty
Day 18 - The milkman made it through the snow!
Day 19: Enjoying some sledging
(the snowman isn't mine, just a filler!)

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