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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Living frugally

When I had my first child, almost seven years ago now, I decided that I only wanted to work part time.  Of course, in an ideal world I wouldn’t have to work at all, but life is never that easy.  I went back to work for two days a week and even though it was hard to start out I soon grew to love it.  I get five days at home looking after my children, and two days in work where I get to have a cup of coffee in peace. 

Working part time does have its downfalls though.  Finances have been a bit of a struggle, particularly since the recession hit and after a few years of struggling to maintain our lifestyle, I’ve realised that it’s time to take control.  I’ve learned the hard way that budgets are there for a reason and I’ve had to change the way I do nearly everything to try to make sure that my children have a decent future.  I’ve changed from a person who would buy what I wanted without a second thought to someone who meal plans and sells clothes for cash.

I have always been worried that living frugally would mean that I didn’t enjoy life so much, but strangely I quite enjoy it.  I love trying to beat my weekly shopping budget, and finding the best and cheapest places to shop.  I love selling things and seeing my savings account with money in it for a change.  Sometimes I wish that I could go and blow it all on a new handbag and a pair of shoes, but I’ve put so much effort into doing all this that I couldn’t spoil it now.

There are probably lots more I could do but I’m trying to take it one step at a time.  Whoever would have thought that I could do this?  I think I might be finally growing up. 

Do you do anything to help you budget?  

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