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Sunday, 29 January 2012

What happened to January (and my resolutions)?

I was all set for a change this year.  I spent last year trying to feel my way through the disorganised mess that is my life so I really wanted to start this year with a plan.  I imagined myself with charts and timetables; using my smartphone to the max and being a super organised mum.  But I seem to have gotten to the end of January without doing any of it.  I frustrate myself!  I know that all it will take is to sit down and work it out.  I just always seem to find something better to do.  I haven't even managed to get my 2012 calendar yet!  My main problem is that I work best under pressure.  I've always been the same - writing GCSE essays the morning they have to be given in and 'socialising' (ahem) instead of going to A level classes and then cramming the night before an exam.  It's just the type of work that's changed now.  I still haven't done my tax return that's due on Tuesday (that'll be tomorrows job) and I WILL order my calendar tonight and hopefully it'll arrive before my current one runs out in 2 days.

So what's it going to take to change my ways?  I made my New Years Resolution to be more organised this year mainly because my life has changed and there's so much more that I need to fit in.  I have finally registered as a childminder and have got two little girls to look after, I'm still working in my other job two days a week, I've got my blog to write (I've been rubbish with it and need to change), my usual family/home life to manage plus I'd really like to start training as a Breastfeeding Counsellor this year.  That's not including trying to maintain a social life.

So how does everyone else manage it?  I sometimes wonder if I'm missing some vital piece of information that allows me to fit everything in.  Is there a book I should read?  A miracle diary that will manage my life?  Am I just doing something wrong?

I know I could do it if I didn't sit down (or sleep), but surely there must be an easier way.  If I'm going to give up my old job and work from home then things need to change.

I need to go from this to >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this
I know I should start by making a list; get it all out of my head and onto paper.  I know I need meal plans and a cleaning timetable.  I know this but I'm still finding it hard.  Is it just that I'm not being disciplined enough?  I don't really know any other work at home mums so I'm not sure how others manage.  The only comment I've heard is that "something's got to give", but what?  The cooking, cleaning, looking after my children?  They all seem like pretty vital things to me.  Maybe one day I'll be able to afford to hire someone to do my cleaning for me, but at the moment I have to do it myself, and it's got to be done properly as my home is now my business place.  I've only just started childminding but I know I need to be organised from the start and have plans, menus and paperwork all in place.  Oh god, my head is spinning.  I think I need help!!

Demands from the kids, demands from the hubby...... I'd better go, I'm being called again......!!