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Friday, 12 April 2013

A view to nowhere

When I first had the email informing me that Wooden Blinds Direct were running a competition to find the worst window view I couldn't think of anything to write about.  I live in the South Wales Valleys and most of my views consist of mountains and generally very pretty scenery.  I've always been lucky on my holidays to have quite nice views from my hotel windows.  Then, I went into work one day and it hit me.

The only thing I complain about in work is that my office is below road level so I have no view.  I look out of my window and there are lots of brambles and bushes, and if I crane my neck I sometimes manage to see peoples feet as they walk past.  I always like to be quite positive and will say that during the winter months, there is a lovely little robin who pays us a visit and lands on the bush.  It's the highlight of my year.

I suppose another positive is that during the week of warm weather that us Brits call summertime, I can't actually see the sunlight so don't get that feeling of disappointment that I'm stuck in the office.  Similarly, the rain never seems so bad.  It's kind of like working in a cave.

But it's green and natural, I hear you say.  At least it's not concrete right?  But concrete doesn't move.  This stuff looms over me and creeps forward slowly until I feel like it's going to bury me alive.  Then the caretaker appears and cuts it all back until all that's left is a bunch of sticks raised threateningly at me.

It's so bad that I always ask if I can move into the upstairs offices.  What do they have a view of you might ask?  Well, their only view is of the cemetery which is situated next to our office.  At least it's peaceful I suppose.