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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Someone pass the Teething Bling!

*Please note this is NOT a sponsored post*

It feels like Oliver has been teething for forever!  His clothes are constantly wet from dribbling, he's biting on anything he can get his hands on, and has a sore bottom. We tried all the usual teething products but he much preferred to chomp on something he shouldn't i.e. mobile phone, remote, me!  Then, a while back on Facebook, I came across a company called Teething Bling.  Now, I love to try anything new so when they offered me the chance to have a free pendant in exchange for giving them some information on local retailers, I jumped at it. I was offered a choice of colour so I chose 'jade' and excitedly awaited it's arrival.  I wasn't to be disappointed.  It arrived quickly and in a pretty little organza bag, making it a perfect gift.  In fact, I think it will become my gift of choice for new mums as it's a gift for mum and baby all rolled into one.

I've always loved jewellery, but had pretty much given up on wearing any since I've had children.  They generally don't mix.  If I did try wearing a necklace I would either be worried about bits coming off and the baby choking on it, or more commonly, being throttled when the baby pulled on it.  But my new pendant solved both these problems.  It is perfectly safe for the baby to chew - no small parts and is non toxic, and it has a breakaway clasp so no more being throttled. Yay!

But more importantly, will Oliver like it.  Well, the proof is in the picture.
He loves it! It's become a new toy to him.  But better than a new toy because it doesn't fall on the floor when we're out.  It drops to just the right level on me - just below my breasts - so is flattering, while having enough length for Oliver to play with when he's sat on my lap.

My friends with babies also think they're great.  Some have gone on to buy their own and one has bought one as a gift.  Friends without babies have said how lovely they are and that they would wear one!  I've been asked where the 'stones' come from.  People are always shocked when they feel them and realise they're not hard.

We loved it so much that I decided to buy a second pendant in 'Zebra'.  I think this one has been even more successful as babies naturally love contrast so the black/white stripes are perfect.

I could really use another one to go with brown/cream clothes.  Maybe Vanilla Bean (really fancy a scented one) or Chocolate Brown?  That's the only problem.  Too much choice.  It's like having a bag or shoes to match every outfit.  Now I feel like I need the Teething Bling to match too!  And there's currently 29 colour available on the website so lots to choose from!

You can buy Teething Bling from
Pendants cost £12.95 and you can also purchase bangles, gift sets, teen bling and gift cards.

Here's some info from the company: 
Teething Bling® is the original teething jewellery. Made from the same material as most teething toys, our teething pendants and teething bangles look great on the adult wearer but are safe for curious babies to handle and chew. Our teething products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure. We carry the very important CE trademark which means we meet strict safety standards. Teething Bling went through four years of rigorous safety testing.

By the way, Ollie cut his first tooth last week (that's another story) so his Bling is under even more pressure now!