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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Project 365: Days 62 - 68

Day 62: Seaside fun - well, at least it was supposed to be.  We decided to drive down to the Gower in Swansea and stopped at Oxwich Bay.  The sun was (almost) shining so we got a ball from the car and headed down the beach.  It was so cold and windy that the little one refused to walk and the older two complained bitterly.  We lasted about 15 minutes before heading back to the car.  Hubby was told in work the next day that Oxwich is renowned for being windy, hence all the surfing action there.  Hmm, I never knew that....

Day 63: Toddler tantrums - I worked today so not much opportunity to take photos, but I took this one of the toddler after he threw his duvet out of the cot, no doubt complaining about going to bed.

Day 64: Fast asleep -  Again, another day in work so another bedtime photo.  This is my middle boy surrounded by his toys.  He loves all his cuddly toys and can't sleep unless he has them all in bed with him.  One of his favourites at the moment is Luigi (because he's green).

Day 65: Show me the rabbit -  The little one and I spent the afternoon at my mum's and my sister took O out to show him the bunny rabbit.  He enjoyed stroking him for all of 30 seconds before a football caught his attention.  I think the rabbit was quite pleased though as the poor thing was petrified.

Day 66: Poorly boy - O has come down with a cough and cold so asked to sleep in my bed.  I do love having cuddles with him and could spend hours just watching him sleep. 

Day 67: Train-time - Oliver insists on having a train track built for him every day.  He loves nothing more than attaching all the trains together and running them around the track.

Day 68: School work - I had parents evening for my oldest son this week and I was so proud to be told how well he is doing in school.  He really enjoys learning and does a bit of work every day at home.  He's got this book where he writes stories and draws pictures to go with them.  He's my little budding author.

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Project 365: Days 55 - 61

Day 55: Mmmm - Not a lot to say about this; a well deserved drink after a busy weekend.
Day 56: Jigsaws: My 5 year old loves doing jigsaws. No-one is allowed to help him, and we can't interrupt him until he's finished. 
Day 57: Bath-time tantrums - my two year old does not like being told what to do.  He is going through a very independent phase and likes to make all the decisions.  This is the result of being told he has to get dressed after his bath.
Day 58: Milk monster: I'm not sure if he can get any closer to that cup!  He just loves his milk and will drink it hot, cold, from a cup, beaker or glass - he's not fussy.  As long as he gets some of the white stuff he's happy.
Day 59: Techo-boy - I'm always amazed at how little ones can work all things technological.  My two year old is watching Dora on Netflix on the iPad and he did it all himself.  In fact, I'm not allowed to do it for him (see day 57)
Day 60: Toddler Day at Techniquest - I took my youngest to Techiquest for their toddler day.  As it was St. Davids Day he's wearing his Welsh rugby top and has had the Welsh dragon painted on his face (on both cheeks at his insistence).  He didn't stand still in Techniquest and ran from one thing to another, until he found this mirror.  It had him in fits of giggles as he saw his large, stretched image. It was very cute to watch.
Day 61: A rarity - here is a photo of my oldest son at bedtime.  I don't seem to get as many photos of him any more as he's either at school or out playing so I thought I'd take the opportunity of taking one while he's sat still. He's growing up so quickly.

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Project 365: Days 13 - 19

Here is week 3 of Project 365.  This week we've been to a birthday party, IKEA and then it all ended with snow.  

Day 13:  Playing with a bead table at soft play
Day 14: All about work. Here is some completed homework
Day 15: Temper tantrums
Day 16: An expedition through outer IKEA
Day 17: Sleeping beauty
Day 18 - The milkman made it through the snow!
Day 19: Enjoying some sledging
(the snowman isn't mine, just a filler!)

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Same old routine

I've been staring at a blank screen all day, struggling to come up with the words I need.

The day didn't start too well. I spent my morning shouting trying to coax the children to eat their breakfast and get ready for school, though that's nothing new.  It's always a mad rush to get out of the house on time but this morning was particularly bad.  It started when I woke with a start and realised that I'd slept late.  Not much but still a bit later than planned, and my mornings are planned to military precision.  I shot out of bed, made the children their breakfast, made their packed lunches and then sent them upstairs to get washed and dressed.

That's where it all started to go wrong.  Within five minutes there was shouting, fighting, crying and then laughing as my youngest proceeded to throw all his toys down the stairs.

I went up, shouted a bit and eventually got them and myself ready to go.

Then I couldn't find my keys.

I spent what seemed like ages racing around the house looking for them, trying to phone hubby (I needed someone to blame) and then found my coat pocket!

I got the boys to school on time (by some miracle) before heading back home.  Just me and the baby for the day.

Then, 3.30pm arrives and it's the same sort of thing as above, except in reverse and intensified by about a million percent because everyone is tired.

Bedtime is the worst time of day for me.  The boys are excited at seeing their father, they're tired but don't want to go to bed, and I'm heading for breaking point.  All I can think about is wine settling down in front of the TV but the boys aren't going to give up any time soon.

It soon ends in tears (occasionally my own) and the house descends into calm.  Finally no more screaming, tantrums or cheekiness.  For a few short hours at least.

I savour this time of night where I get to relax and be me for a while.  I'm not being nagged; I'm not having to break up fights, answer constant questions or respond to demands for food and drinks.

It's also the time where I sit and reflect on my day and wonder what I could have done better.  I watch them sleeping and I realise that my boys are still so small.  I don't want to spend my days rushing and having to shout at them.  I want to savour this time when they're still young and innocent.

However frustrated and annoyed I get, it doesn't take much to change all that in an instant.  My oldest looking me with his big puppy dog eyes, my middle boy giving me a bear hug, and my youngest holding my hand.  It's these small things that make all the difference.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Terrible Twos

My littlest one is 22 months old now and he is adorable, funny and very, very cheeky.  He's going through an amazing transformation from a baby who would nurse for hours, to taking his first steps, and now starting to talk and develop his own unique personality.

Of course, I've been through this process twice before so I should know what to expect, shouldn't I?  If only I did!  Every child is different, and they have all challenged me in different ways.  I never know what to expect and I certainly haven't got all the answers.  Every single day I need to adapt and learn about my children and how to deal with their behaviour .  Sometimes I get it right, but I suspect that it's down to more luck than judgement.

My children constantly test me in every way imaginable.   I left school quite a few years ago and thought I'd left all the exams behind me.  Oh no.  Not with my boys.  I get spelling tests, maths tests and English language tests.  Then they'll move on to religious studies, history, geography..... The list goes on.  I really wish I'd concentrated more in school.

But the biggest test of all is the parenting one.

Some things were easy to pick up.  How to feed a baby, change their nappy, hold them properly.  I can manage all that.  In fact, anything to do with a tiny little baby  I can deal with.  It's when they become independent little beings trying to assert their independence that I start searching for that manual that all babies should come with.

I remember my oldest having his first ever toddler tantrum at the age of 15 months.  He wanted a Postman Pat van in a shop in Centre Parc and I told him that he would have to wait.  He lay face down on the floor and started screaming at the top of his lungs.  I felt like everything was moving in slow motion except for the thoughts racing through my sleep deprived, pregnancy (35 weeks with number 2) addled brain.  I felt like everyone had stopped and was watching and waiting to see how I would react.  Would I give in?  Would I ignore him?  What should I do?  It was my First Big Test.

I didn't give in.  I picked him up and took him out of the shop.  I also quickly learned not to care about what others think.  There were plenty more of those tantrums to come.

So back to my youngest.  I think I can safely say that in the last two weeks he has entered that unknown territory called the Terrible Twos.  He shouts, he pouts, he demands.  He too lies face down on the floor in a fit of temper if he doesn't get his own way.

He has gone from this......
to this..........

in what seems like a very short space of time.  Luckily there's lots of this in between........

I don't think that it matters how many children you have; it never seems to get any easier.  In fact, as my children get older, their behaviour becomes more complex, and more difficult to manage.  I reflect on everything I've done with them and analyse my parenting skills (or lack thereof), to see if I could have done something differently.  Why is my oldest so cheeky?  Why does my middle boy still have temper tantrums?  Can I avoid this with my youngest?

The only answer I can ever come up with is that they will be what they will be.  I made them all (with a little bit of help from hubby of course), I am raising them all in the same way, but they are each unique little people.  They are growing into their personalities and they fascinate me as I watch how they learn and develop.  For better or worse, I love them for who they are.

But if someone ever finds that manual, please pass it on!