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Friday, 27 April 2012

My Tiny Taster is famous

Oliver had his first interview for the local newspaper this week.  He was quite shy so I had to tell the reporter all about his new job as a Tiny Taster for Little Dish.  I was really nervous when I had the phone call to ask if I'd do an interview.  I'd never even spoken to a newspaper reporter before let alone done an interview, and was a bit nervous of saying the wrong thing.  But I agreed to go ahead with it and made sure that everything was perfect when the reporter arrived.

I don't really know what I was expecting but it wasn't as bad as I thought.  They asked me lots of questions about why I thought Ollie had been chosen as a Tiny Taster (I didn't know) and how he would give his feedback as he can only say a few words (I don't really think that 'mama' and 'ball' will be useful words for the food testing).  I told the reporter that one thing I can guarantee with Oliver is that he is very independent and his actions speak far louder than words.  We regularly get whole meals thrown on the floor if he doesn't like what he's given.  This is a child who will refuse to bend his legs to sit in his high chair if he doesn't like the look of his food!

Oliver is at that stage where he will no longer eat everything that's put in front of him.  He is fussy, demanding, and extremely choosy about what he eats.  I did everything I could to try to avoid this; I breastfed him for over a year, he wasn't weaned until he was six months old, and we did baby led weaning. He is just a very independent child who knows his own mind.  So no, he doesn't need to be able to talk.  He will make his thoughts very clear.

The article is already in our local paper.  I found out after a friend left a message on my Facebook wall.  Part of me was dreading reading it but I got hubby to pick up a copy of the paper on his way home.  There's a great picture of Ollie trying to get into one of the Little Dish meals.  He looks very cute (I know I'm biased) but considering he was clinging to my side for the whole interview, I'm amazed we even got a photo.  I'm happy with the article except that they got my age wrong.  They've added two years to me!  Hmmm. I think I'd better change my moisturiser.