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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Spring fashion

Whenever I go out these days I have a moment of panic about what I look like and whether I'm dressing appropriately for my age.  Okay, so I'm not very old (well, I don't think I am anyway) but I do worry a little bit about my clothes.  I think I always have and I envy those people who can just throw anything on and still look great.  I find it really hard to pick out an outfit for myself, though strangely seem to be able to pick things out for other people.  Maybe it's because I haven't really got a true style identity.  I don't know.

I'm okay with my work clothes and I enjoy dressing up a bit.  Give me a black dress and high heels and I'm happy.  What I find really difficult is the more casual, throw something on to do the school run or go shopping, sort of style.  It just doesn't come naturally to me.  So with Spring (almost) in the air, it's time to change this.  I've created a wishlist from New Look for some inspiration as they've got a huge choice of items at very reasonable prices.

Skinny jeans are a bit of a staple item for me, but with a slightly longer line top which will hide a multitude of sins.  I've added a pair of ballet pumps and nice, colourful bangles to liven it up.

New Look Spring Style

New Look Spring Style by joandblunt featuring sleeveless tops

And for those warm, sunny days ahead (a bit of positive thought might help), I love this maxi dress.

What do you think?  What are your fashion essentials? 

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