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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Project 365: Days 69 - 75

Day 69: A family get together - As it was mother's Day we all went to my sisters for food.  The boys had great fun playing with their cousins and I enjoyed a good chat with my mother and sisters.  O decided that he wanted to try on some 3D glasses and was delighted when everyone laughed at him.  He is quite the little joker.

Day 70: Jigsaw marathon - I got home from work to find that the boys had filled the floor with jigsaws. They had a lovely time putting together as many jigsaws as they could find, but what I loved was that they worked together really well.  Hardly any fighting, crying or screaming for once.

Day 71: Hungry Hippos - I've been to work today but managed to catch this photo of the three boys playing Hungry Hippos.  I love it when they play games together.

Day 72: Flower - My Mothers Day flowers are still going well.  I'm going to try to learn how to take the perfect shot of a flower.  That's my mission for the next few weeks.

Day 73: Swings - O managed to talk me into taking him to the park after the school run even though it was freezing.  It was great to see him running around and getting some fresh air, and he particularly loved the swing.  

Day 74: Finger painting - O asked to do some painting this morning so we got the finger paints out and covered the floor.  I enjoyed getting mucky and dabbing paint everywhere; including all over himself.  We now have a series of dots over numerous pieces of paper :-)

Day 75: Snow! - It wasn't forecast but we've just had a really heavy downfall of snow.  It's all white outside.  It looks very pretty but I'm starting to get desperate for some warmer weather.  Will I ever be able to get my sandals out from the back of the wardrobe?

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

What does Mothers Day really mean?

I've had a really frustrating day today.  Now, I'm not one to go for all the commercialised crap that comes with occasions such as Mothers Day, but seeing as I've got three children it would be kind of nice for it to at least be acknowledged, even just a tiny bit.  I'm not talking about my children here; they are 5, 4 and 1 and I've already had lovely home-made cards off the oldest two.  It's my other half that's caused my gripe.  His comment today was that I'm not his mother, so why should he do anything for me?!  No, but I've only given him three gorgeous children, and the least he could do is realise that it's my Mothers Day too.  Not that I'm letting it get to me. Not at all!  I don't care, honest.........

By the way, Fathers Day is cancelled this year!!

It has made me think a lot about Mothers Day and what it means.  To me, I'm just thankful that I've got three happy, healthy boys who I adore and I hope, adore me too.  I will treasure my cards that they have made for me and look forward to a cuddle when they wake me up in the morning.  I will go and visit my own mum and be thankful that she is there for me.  And grateful for everything she's done for me.

But what about all the people where it is just a painful reminder of something they haven't got?  For whatever reason, there are mums out there who will never receive a card, and children who have no-one to give one to.  My heart goes out to anyone whose Mothers Day isn't a happy event.  I dedicate this to you.