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Monday, 13 August 2012

Up to mischief again

I got home from work at lunchtime today and as soon as I walked through the door I could sense that there was mischief in the air.  You've been there right?  When you can't see anyone but you know by the noises from somewhere within that there are little people up to no good.

Boy was I right.

I wish I wasn't.

My father had kindly looked after them for me to work and they had run him ragged.  Shouting, screaming, nagging and fighting had been the order of the day.  Needless to say he didn't stay long after I got home.

I made them lunch while they ran around the garden and got themselves covered in mud.  I can cope with that.  They are boys after all.  The noise levels were high and my tolerance levels were dropping fast.

After lunch I put the little one to bed and went upstairs to do my ironing, leaving the older two boys with the threat of bed if they didn't behave.

All was quiet for a while and I was enjoying watching Come Dine With Me while working my way through the mountain of ironing.  Then, about 30 minutes in, they started fighting.  I went downstairs, shouted at them to behave and went back to my ironing.

I appreciate that a day stuck in the house is boring for young boys, but sometimes it just can't be helped.

I must have gone down about three more times in the next 10 minutes to tell them off.  They were jumping on the furniture, taking all the photos off the shelves and fighting in between.

I could feel my blood pressure rising each time I went to speak to them, and all I got in response was cheekiness.  I was desperate for bedtime.

I told them that they were having a bath and going straight to bed after their dinner.  More cheek!  They don't listen to me, and just answer me back.

The baby got up and joined in with his brothers nonsense while I slowly banged my head against the wall  tried to regain some control.

I carried through with my threat and sent them straight upstairs after they had eaten.  No treats, no DVD, just bath and bed.  They shouted, they cried, they begged to be able to watch a DVD.  I said no.  They cried some more.

They ran around upstairs, naked, refusing to listen to me, yet not understanding why they weren't getting any treats.

I put them to bed and they were still making demands.  There was no way I could back down as I needed to show them I was in charge (I don't think I believed that any more than they did).

Hubby came home in the middle of all this and went up to see the older two.  I was happy to leave him to it all, but then I could hear "mama, mama".

I went up to see my smallest boy and this is what I found.

He's a cheeky little monkey, but he always makes me smile.  He is definitely following in his older brothers footsteps!

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