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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Project 365: Days 47 - 53

Day 47: A day at the park (bottom left) - it was a glorious sunny Winters day so we decided to take the boys to Cyfarthfa Park.  We enjoyed a walk around the lake and then went cross country.  I love this photo of hubby with our youngest son. 

Day 48: Vaccinations (top middle) - Today was the day of my youngest sons booster shots, including the MMR booster.  I was anticipating lots of tears but he was so brave and barely whimpered.  We told him that he was having soldiers put in to fight the bad germs and he liked this idea.  

Day 49: Towel boy (top right) - this is E coming out of the shower.  He loves being all wrapped up in his towel.

Day 50: Gymnast (top left) - Z has gymnastic lessons and really enjoys them.  Here he is waiting his turn to practice jumping over the horse.

Day 51: Breakfast (middle left) - coming back from the morning school run and O insisted on stopping in the shop to get some pain au chocolat for breakfast.  He refused to let them go when he was sat in the car. 

Day 52: Numbers (middle right) - we are in Warrington for the weekend to visit friends.  It was a lovely day so we took the children to the park to play.  O found this counting board and we spent ages going through the different numbers as we've been doing number recognition at home.

Day 53: Science (bottom right) - today we got the train into Manchester and took the children to MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry).  We all loved it there; there was so much to do and see.  We even had a ride on a steam train.  It was difficult to choose a photo from the day but I liked this one of E.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Freedom of speech or just a voice no-one wants to hear?

This might come as a bit of a shock to anyone who knows me, but I'm starting to wonder if the internet is a good thing.  Not all of it obviously; there's some bits that I couldn't imagine living without now.  It's more that the internet provides just about anyone with a voice.

I love blogs and blogging for this very reason, but I wonder about the risks associated with it.  In the last week I've read a post stating that the measles outbreak in South Wales is a lie, and another post stating that a woman who is having an affair with a  married man is actually helping that mans family.  I've got no concerns about people voicing their opinions, but those opinions must be balanced surely?  After all, it was the thoughts of just one man that caused the scare around the MMR vaccination in the first place.  Look what happened there.

Scaremongering has always been around, I know.  Certain daily newspapers take great delight in frightening people with snippets of information based on who knows what evidence.  What's scary is that these bits of information very quickly become 'fact' and are spread around the internet at supersonic speed.  It's getting harder and harder to know what to believe.  I have started to check everything I read to find out if it is, in fact, true.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets scam emails.  If you believed everything you read you'd never get out of your car, drink coke or have an onion in your fridge ever again.  Snopes has become my new best friend.

It's not just email either.  My Facebook news feed is full of the dangers of eating just about anything and companies who apparently want to give 30,000 iPads away for free.  What is more concerning is the number of people who believe it.  But how do you regulate this?

Another thing that's been winding me up on Facebook is seeing a constant stream of judgmental status updates.  Apparently, anyone who watches reality TV is a chav, and anyone who watches soaps is a brainless idiot.  Can I just say that one of my relatives has an MSc but he watches the soaps.  Brainless?  I don't think so.  Just wanting to relax?  Quite possibly.  He also reads a lot. Go figure.

Why do people feel the need to judge other people on social networking sites?  Is it okay to decide that anyone who doesn't like the same things as you must be stupid?

I am aware that all of this is just my opinion and maybe I'm being a bit of a hypocrite as I am now complaining about what others write online.  So what do you think?  Do you love that people now have a forum to write anything they want, or do you worry about some of the things that you read too?