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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Project 365: Days 12 - 18

Day 12: Bathtime - Sunday night is always a busy night getting everything ready for school and work the next day, but I love bathtime when they get to play for a while.

Day 13: Mummy's bed - O is up late as usual and wants to sleep in my bed. I do usually let him for a little while as I love the cuddles.

Day 14: Number practise - O is practising copying numbers and is doing really well. It's hard to see in this photo but he's done a perfect number 2. I was really impressed.

Day 15: Puddles - O does love jumping in puddles and he seemed to find this one particularly fascinating.  It was in the middle of my office car park so not the ideal place to stop but it was really hard to get him away.

Day 16: Baking - I made a lemon drizzle cake to take to lunch with my friends and O insisted on me making chocolate brownies too.  In hindsight I think his ploy all along was just to get to lick the spoon.

Day 17: Kickboxing - Z has gone up a group in kickboxing and does more sparring now so we got him all the padding that he needs. He had to try his headguard and gloves on straight away.

Day 18: Brotherly - E and O cuddle all the time and I love catching them on camera. These are the photos that I'll love to look back on in a few years time.

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Project 365: Days 104 - 110

Day 104: Lunch time - my little one making a good effort with his Sunday lunch. He always insists on using full size cutlery even though he struggles to use them.

Day 105: Sleeping boy - after such a busy day he couldn't manage to stay awake for the day and fell asleep on the floor.

Day 106: Balloons - my oldest boy is 7 tomorrow and we've prepared the house ready for him.  It only feels like yesterday that he was born.

Day 107: Birthday Boy - he has had am amazing day which ended with a family party and homemade chocolate cake.  Where have the last 7 years gone?

Day 108: Kickboxing - the boys practice their kickboxing nearly every night and it's paid off as they're really good at it.  My oldest boy does some fantastic kicks.

Day 109: Converse - he had his first pair of Converse for his birthday. He is such a cool dude.

Day 110: Books - we have had a really busy day moving my middle and youngest boys into a new bedroom and converting the old nursery to a mini library.  The boys love it as all their books are in there mow.  My youngest wasn't too impressed when I took his cot apart and I'm wondering how he's going to settle in his big boys bed tonight.

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Project 365: Days 76 - 82

Day 76: Fireman Sam - O is going through a dressing up phase and is loving his Fireman Sam sleepsuit at the moment. I just adore the toddler phase.

Day 77: My three boys - it's next to impossible to get a decent photo of the boys together but I came home from work today and they were all in a cooperative mood.  It was only when I looked back at the photo that I realised my oldest doesn't look too happy.  I think it was because his little brothers were messing around a little bit.

Day 78: Rock Star - E was trying to develop his rock star slide with the guitar.  He didn't quite get it though and just ended up lying flat on the floor!

Day 79: Thomas fan - O spent most of the day playing with his trains.  He's lined up all of his Thomas trains to go around the track.

Day 80: Driving in his car - the weather was a bit nicer today so we dusted off the battery operated Lighning McQueen car for O. He loved it!

Day 81: Puddle jumping - O took great delight in jumping in every puddle in our driveway. He soaked himself (and me) but it was great fun.  

Day 82: A new belt - My oldest two boys had their kickboxing grading today and they both got new belts.  They are doing so well at kickboxing and I am so proud of them.  They are both little stars.

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Monday, 31 December 2012

Another year over

Another year is ending and as I sit and reflect on events from the past year, Is wonder what the new year will hold for me.

Without dwelling on anything too much, 2012 had lots of ups and down; very much like most years I suppose.  It's been too easy for me to just think about the negatives from the past year, but I don't want to start a new year feeling like that.  There have been struggles and tensions which are usually money related but lots of good times with the children too.  My youngest started walking, my older boys have won trophies for kickboxing, and we've had a few swimming successes.  In fact, just before Christmas my 5 year old did his 25 metre swimming badge which is utterly amazing as in the summer he was afraid to put his face in the water!


My oldest learnt to ride his bike, and my youngest took took a huge step just before Christmas when he gave all his dummies to the Christmas Fairy.

We've enjoyed a fabulous holiday at Coombe Mill in Cornwall (which I won) and we've spent an amazing weekend at Bluestone National Park Resort in Wales where we visited The Kingdom of the Elves.

On the feed run at Coombe Mill

Santa is under there somewhere.....

It has been a really good year!

But it's now time to say goodbye to this year and look forward to the next.  So what's in store for us?  I wish I knew that but all I can do now is try to make the most of it.  I never usually make resolutions but there are a few things I'd like to do for the year ahead.

This is the year that I am determined to become more organised.  It doesn't come naturally and as I spoke about it early last year, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I'll never manage it.

I'm going to try with a few small things.

Firstly, I am finally going to meal plan.  I've managed to save a bit of money this year by changing my food shopping habits but I still feel that I'm wasting money by not having a meal plan.  I'm going to do some research online to try to come up with interesting ideas for meals.

Secondly, hubby and I started writing down everything we spent before Christmas to see where we can save some money.  I've already had a look at free online budget plans/spreadsheets so we can do this properly from now on.

Finally, I need a bit more organisation for my blogging and competition entering.  They are my only real hobbies but I feel that I need to allow myself set times to get things done.  It's something that I think I'll need to work on a bit as there's going to be a lot of organisation for me to fit everything in.  I think I need to get involved a lot more with everything.

I can't be too rigid in my plans as I'm easily bored so need a bit of flexibility in there.  If you have any tips or ideas that could help me then I'd love to hear them.

I'll keep you posted.

Happy New Year to you!

Friday, 17 August 2012

The downside of after school activities

I'm sat watching my older two sons in their kickboxing class. Tonight is their second class this week and I love that they've got activities they enjoy doing. I wanted them to start kickboxing as it teaches them new skills as well as teaching them discipline. I need all the help I can get with my boys.

There is a downside though. I have just had to go into the corridor outside the class for one reason.

He manages about 10 minutes (and that's only if he's eating) of sitting still. If I turn my back for a moment he races up the hall to try to join in with the class. I can't wait until he's old enough to, but that's another two years yet.  For now, I try everything to keep him occupied.  I take toys, food, offer him my phone to play with, but nothing works for long.  He wants to do all the same things as his older brothers and doesn't understand why he can't.  He is learning some kickboxing though, and I'm sure he'll be a star pupil when he actually gets to start.

Has anyone got any tips on how to manage the younger children when the older ones are doing their after school classes?

Friday, 10 August 2012

Future Olympians?

As a parent I am expected to help shape my children's future.  I should help them to develop skills and a good understanding of how to deal with the world around them.  I have tried my hardest to do a decent job with this.  I've tried to instil a sense of what is right and wrong, encouraged them to respect other people and their views and opinions, enforced good manners and politeness, all while allowing them to build their confidence and develop independence.  I didn't realise that my children would change who I am.

I have always been a bit apathetic.  I've never really had much interest in anything that involved politics, religion, sport....  I was always happy to just coast through life, not worrying about much and not having any strong opinions of my own.  That was until I had children.  I started to realise that everything is political; my children's schooling, healthcare, our family finances.  I had to start caring about what was going on in the world as it affected almost every part of our lives.  

Even my religious beliefs have been tested as children have absolutely no boundaries in their questioning.  In school they are told about Adam and Eve.  When they asked me about this I tried to explain the concept of Evolution while trying to be very diplomatic and saying that different people believe in different theories.  Evolution is not that easy to explain to four and five year olds, but I gave it a shot.  I don't think they really got it!  Whether they did or not doesn't really matter, I'm just trying to educate them; to provide them with all the information that they need to make their own minds up.

Having children has changed me in ways I had never thought about.  I have never really understood sport.  When I was younger I liked watching gymnastics and ice-skating on TV; I was a member of a netball team and a cross country running squad many moons ago, and I even did a bit of ballet dancing.  As I got older I lost interest in watching sport on TV and didn't do anything myself.  I'm not that active, preferring to drive most places and only dabbling in the occasional bit of exercise when I put on a few pounds.  I had never bothered to watch the Olympics as it never interested me.

Again, children has changed all that as I want to show my children what is happening in the world.  I took them to see the Olympic torch when it passed in a nearby town and I was so excited.  I felt very proud and extremely patriotic.  This was quite a new feeling for me, but seeing my boys excitement was priceless.  My oldest son had written a letter to Tim Baillie & Etienne Stott as part of a school project and they had replied and sent a photograph.  The school had also arranged for an Olympic torch to be shown to the children, so anything to do with the Olympics was huge for my boys.

I still never thought that I would actually sit down and watch the sports on TV.  Yet, every spare bit of time I get I find myself looking to see what sports I can watch.  I love to show the boys what they could do when they grow up.  They are both learning to swim so it was great to show them the swimmers and tell them that if they keep practising then they could be just as good one day.  I even watched a BMX race today as my oldest has just leant to ride a bike so this was very appropriate.  Then tonight I got obsessed with the men's diving because it's just edge of your seat stuff (nothing to do with fit, muscular bodies, honest).  I'm gutted now that I didn't get any tickets to actually take them to watch some of the Olympics live.  

I want my boys to see that there's a big wide world out there and they can do anything they want if they work hard.  There are so many options open to them and I will try to give them all the opportunities they need to decide which is best for them.

They're already practising their skills.                                                                                                                                                                 
Future Bradley Wiggins??
He can do some cool tricks on his scooter
I think wheelybugging could be the next Olympic sport
For now though, they're already collecting medals and trophies.  I think I could definitely have the next generation of Olympians.

Trophies and medals from their latest kickboxing competition

Monday, 26 March 2012

Mummy's little helpers! Really? Where?

I have always said that I'm going to bring my boys up knowing how to do all the household chores.  This probably stems from having a husband who can't cook, doesn't know how to turn on the washing machine, and downright refuses to clean the toilet.  But somehow, my boys have got to almost 6, 4 and 1 (okay, I haven't got to worry about the little one yet) and still think that the housework is my responsibility.  They do absolutely nothing to help around the house, in fact, they take their clothes off and just leave them on the floor wherever they fall.
Oliver thinks you just need to lick the plate to clean it
Now, if truth be told I hate housework.  I am a great believer in doing it only when I absolutely have to, i.e. when I have visitors.  Luckily for my husband and children (though unluckily for me) that means I have to do some cleaning every week.  Although I hate it, I'm also a stickler for doing things properly.  I admit to being a bit of a control freak which doesn't usually work in my favour (my husband now refuses to load the dishwasher because I tell him off for doing it wrong).  I knew I needed to put this aside in order to teach my lovely boys the joys of housework.  I would hate to think that any future partner of theirs will complain about their lack of domestic skills the way that I do some women do about theirs.

Plus I was being nagged by the older two because they had been given a task in their last kickboxing lesson. Do a job for mum or dad every day for a week.  If they get seven ticks they'll get a sticker.  So I had to come up with a plan.  What could they help me with?  My vacuum cleaner is heavy and cumbersome; to be fair they'd never manage it (it's also been giving me static shocks and I don't want to scare them for life!); I suppose they could help load the dishwasher (I'll just have to reorganise it when they're not looking); and maybe a bit of lower lever dusting and polishing (after all they do create all the smears and smudges down there).

I decided they should start with the basics - making their own beds and tidying up their toys.

Day 1 and there was a lot of complaining.  I mean LOTS!  I threatened them with no tick on their chart and they begrudgingly pulled their covers up and threw some toys back into containers.  All for a sticker!  Who knew?!

Days 2 to 4 and there was less complaining with each day.  They were excited to get their tick and kept making sure that I was happy with their work.

The turning point came on Day 5.  They made their beds without having to be asked!!  Even more, they were folding their pyjamas and putting them on the bed, instead of throwing them on the floor.  Result!  (Their clothes were still being taken off and dropped on the floor of course, but one step at a time).

Zac making his bed with a smile!
Ethan tidying his toys away

Ethan had been the worst culprit at getting out every single toy that he owns, and then leaving them lying around.  But even he started to realise that tidying up wasn't so bad after all.  With the incentive of getting a whole sticker at the end of it, wouldn't you??

Even the baby joined in with the fun.  Get them started young and all that.

I think he needs cleaning more than the floor!

So with the tick chart complete and the sticker gained, that's the end, right?  No way.  I've got plans for my boys.  Next week we are moving on to 'hanging the coat up instead of throwing it on the floor' lesson, before starting on the 'wiping your own wee off the toilet seat' lesson (that one I'm really looking forward to).  By the time I've finished with them they will be domestic gods.  If only I can give up some control.  I will try, honest.........

This post is my entry to become a Morphy Richards Innovator

Monday, 27 February 2012

Proud (and scary) mummy moments

I had an amazing day with my boys yesterday. We were out of the house at 7.45am to take the older boys to their very first kickboxing competition. I didn't have a clue what to expect, and neither did the boys. The first thing we realised when we got there was that it was a huge event. Not that the boys seemed phased by it at all. They just took it all in their stride.

I'm not a very competitive person so I really wasn't sure how the boys would react to being scored , but the good thing about this is that it's designed to build the little ones confidence.  Everyone gets medals for taking part, which the boys were extremely happy about.  Though I must admit, Ethan had a bit of a tantrum over not getting a trophy for doing the team form! :-)


He did eventually agree to having his photo taken with his medal though!

Zac is very happy with his winnings.

There was a lot of hanging around as so many were competing and I was really concerned about how Ollie was going to handle it, but he totally enjoyed it.  I think he wanted to join in!
Next came the individual form, and none of us had realised that our babies would have to get up and do their form on their own in front of the judges.  My heart was in my mouth.  It would have been my idea of a nightmare when I was little (and still would be now if I'm completely honest).  They were one of the last to take part and I watched with trepidation when Zac was called.  But, apart from refusing to do the form that his teacher asked of him and instead doing one he barely knew, he was great.  I was so proud.
Then it was Ethan's turn.  Ethan still seems so young to me.  He hasn't got the masses of confidence that his older brother has and I was really concerned that this would be too much for him.  But again I was proven wrong.  
My boys are stars and it was the proudest I've ever been.

Then came the scary moment.  It was time for the sparring.  By this time we'd been there for 3 hours.  The boys were getting tired and Zac started getting a bit upset.  He didn't want to fight and was worried about getting hurt.  I explained that he would be wearing body armour but that it was entirely up to him.  He kept saying no, but then his name was called and off he went!  I sat close to him while he waited to fight and watched in case he couldn't go through with it.  

There were a few fights before his and I was quite shocked by the way some parents were behaving.  Children being told to 'get angry' with the other child (they were all 5 years old!!) and really encouraged to hit harder.  I know it's a competition but I thought this was a bit too much! 

It came around to Zac's turn and up he got and tried his very best.  He didn't win but it was very close (and I was sort of glad he didn't win as it meant he didn't have to fight again).

Ethan was also brilliant in his fight.  He smiled all the way through it and I think with a bit more practise he'll be fantastic.  The main thing was that he enjoyed every minute of it and wanted to stay and do more!

I had three tired, but happy, boys by the end of the competition so it was straight home to relax for us.  Zac and Ethan have got three medals each for being so brave and taking part.  They are already looking forward to the next competition and talking about when they'll get their first trophy.  I'm looking forward to a nice long break before having to watch them fight again!