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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Project 365 - Days 5 - 11

Day 5: End of Christmas - The tree is down and this is all that's left.  I like to keep one Christmas item out until the 12th night so this is it.  I felt more than ready to take the decorations down this year.  

Day 6: Ouch! - This is the photo of my youngest son sleeping.  He was pretending to hang glide on my curtains (never a good idea in itself) when he knocked down a heavy wooden elephant ornament which landed on his toes.  As you can imagine, he screamed the place down for ages and refused to have ice put on it.  It was swollen and bruised and he cried himself to sleep.

Day 7: Dominoes - a rare photo of my two oldest children playing nicely together.  The old fashioned games are the best.

Day 8: Reading - O brought me one of his treasured Thomas The Tank Engine books to read.  We had a lovely time reading and looking at the pictures.

Day 9: Car Seat - I decided to move O into a high back booster as he looked too big for his old car seat.  He was so excited and said that he's a big boy now, just like his brothers.  It's very strange seeing him in this car seat.  He's not my baby any more (well, he will always be my baby but he won't let me call him that!)

Day 10: Trains - O is brilliant at building train tracks.  If I do make one for him he just takes it apart and changes it so now I leave him to it.  He changes pieces around until it all fits together like a big jigsaw.

Day 11: Food! - we decided to go to our favourite restaurant in Cardiff for lunch.  My boys love Bellinis Italian restaurant and order the same food every time we go, but it's great to see them enjoying their food so much.  We did have to ask the waitress for more parmesan cheese a few times - the boys are addicted to the stuff!

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Being a trend-setter

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I've been a trend-setter for Tru Diamonds for the past few months and have had some amazing jewellery to try.  First came the necklace.

Princess cut pendant

Then came the ring.

The Royal Engagement Ring

And finally, these lovely earrings.

Boldly Beautiful Earrings

To be honest, when I opened the earrings I wondered where I would wear them.  The looked so glamorous and being a mother of three young boys, I hardly go anywhere other than the supermarket.

I also hadn't worn earrings for years.  Luckily, my ears are pierced and the holes hadn't closed up!

I imagined wearing them with a little black dress along with lots of sparkles and going out on the town.

In reality, I put on jeans and a sparkly jumper (well, it was nearly Christmas) and went to an Italian restaurant with hubby and the kids for lunch.  I was a bit anxious that the earrings would look out of place with such a casual outfit but hubby reassured me that they looked great.

What do you think?

If anyone knows how to airbrush photos please let me know!

They definitely made me feel great, and that has got to be a good thing, right?

So I've decided that from now on, wherever I'm going and whatever I'm wearing, I'm going to wear a few sparkles to brighten up these miserable, grey days.

Christmas might be over but that doesn't mean we can't have a bit of glitz!