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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

5 New Fantastically Gruesome Boys Halloween Costumes For 2012

Halloween is upon us again and so is the need to get the kids kitted out with new and gruesome Halloween costumes. I've taken a look through various new product lines that have been launched since last October and have compiled below, 5 of my favourite costumes for boys that will be big sellers this Halloween.

Child Lab Rat Costume
Now, if it is your goal to find a Halloween costume that is gruesome, this may well be your first port of call. The Lab Rat costume creates visions of lab experiments gone wrong in The Fly kind of way. Featuring a realistic looking mask, I would be surprised if this costume is not a big seller this October.

The Lab Rat costume is available in 3 sizes and comprises of a biohazard lab coat with green markings, sleeves with part fur and an attached furry top. The mask is very cool looking and has complete overhead coverage. It is made from vinyl and has attached fur just like the top.

Heartless Ninja Costume

This outfit is a little different, the idea is the ninja character has become embroiled in a battle so treacherous that his still beating heart has been ripped from his chest. I like this one, it is a step away from typical vampires and the like.

The heartless Ninja costume is available in 2 sizes and includes a black top, a green and gold coloured vest with section to show the heart has been ripped from the chest, a pair of black trousers, shoe covers, leg and arm cuffs and a ninja mask. You'll need to add a pair of black gloves to complete the desired look.

Zombie Doctor Costume

If you are looking for the most dramatic zombie costume for your little one, you'll struggle to find a more startling looking outfit than this. One of the most blood curdling costumes for a kid on the market today, this ensemble will be the spotlight of any party.

The Zombie Doctor costume comes in 2 different sizes and is deliciously gory for this Hallowen season. The costume comes in six parts, the surgical hat being the only standard item. Also included are the tattered blood spattered top, ripped open to expose the dramatically moulded vinyl chest piece, with exposed ribs and intestines; the trousers with another moulded piece, exposing the muscles and knee joint, a blood drenched lab coat, pair of surgical gloves and finally the terrifying overhead zombie mask of the undead.

Spina Tap Costume
The Spinal Tap costume has certainly come a long way since the days where you painted yourself green and threw on your tattiest, old clothing. The Spinal Tap costume sets itself apart from any other kids Frankenstein costumes on the market with it's gory and gruesome nature which is brought to life with glowing lights protruding from within the deep and dark cavity of the gaping chest wound. Rest assured your kids will think this is a cool costume.

The Spinal Tap costume is available in 3 different sizes and is a unique looking children’s outfit. It comes with a scary looking jacket with attached shirt front revealing a rib cage and boasts a moulded chest piece with a fully-functioning light up heart, a pair of contrasting coloured trousers and a terrifying Frankenstein face mask.

Werewolf Costume

This Werewolf costume is a great modern take on the traditional werewolf outfit. In the short time that we have stocked it at Jokers' Masquerade it has proven to be very popular. We recommend adding a little black face paint around the eyes to help the eyes blend in with the mask.

The werewolf costume comes in 3 different sizes. It features an excellent vinyl chinless mask, which makes this outfit so much better than other werewolf costumes on the market today. It offers great attention to detail from the bloodied wolf teeth and realistic fur. A shirt with realistic werewolf chest splitting through the fabric design offers a 3 dimensional effect and reveals a very believable wolf under belly. The costume also includes a pair of fingerless gloves. Whoever is wearing the costume will need to wear their own trousers as they are not included. This actually saves all the hassle and worry of wondering if the trousers will be too long or too short or will adequately fit around the waist. They can wear their own pair of favourite jeans or trousers making this a very comfortable and fangtastic looking outfit that will be admired by all their friends.

What do you think about my selection? What are you going to get your boys wearing to go trick-or-treating? Add your comments below.

This boys Halloween costumes guest post was written by Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade . The above costumes do not fit him even though, in one ear ripping instance, he did try.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I appear to have abandoned my blog lately, so to get rid of some of the (giant) cobwebs that are forming, I thought I'd post some of my photos from Halloween.  Now, I'm not a huge Halloween fan, but I had to make some sort of effort for the children.  We didn't go trick or treating (the boys didn't seem to mind) though my oldest did think that the trick or treaters who knocked on our door should be giving us sweets instead of the other way around (now there's an idea!)  I have to admit that I was quite impressed with most of the children who knocked on my door - their manners were excellent and most only took one thing from the bowl.  Very polite!

So here's some photos I took of my lovely boys.........


Dressed for dinner

Mmmmm, worms....
My cute little Dracula

I only asked him to smile lol