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Thursday, 18 October 2012

I'm a DIY disaster

Tots 100 and are running an amazing competition and have challenged us to makeover a room of our choice. I've agonised over which room to choose as my heart wants to do the spare bedroom to turn it into the perfect sleeping and playing place for my two youngest boys, but my head tells me that it needs to be my en-suite bathroom.  This is the reason why.

Firstly, I will admit that this is self inflicted.  Around six months ago I asked my father to rip out the shower in my en-suite as the lovely mosaic tiles that were fitted eight years ago were falling off the walls and causing water to leak through to the kitchen ceiling.  I was getting an increasingly large water stain on my kitchen ceiling and was worried about the shower ending up downstairs!  The problem was that we didn't have the money to replace it.  Needless to say, my husband was not best pleased with what I'd done.

Every morning I wake up and feel miserable at the empty space in my en-suite.  Every night my husband comes home from work and gives me 'that look' before running the bath.  Even my six year old son keeps asking when we'll have a shower again.  Though the spiders are loving it.  There's these lovely big, brown ones that keep coming out of the walls to find warmth in the house *shudder*  My five year old son refuses to go into the room any more though, but he managed it for a short time in order to tell you about the spiders.

It is my dream to surprise my husband and children with a lovely, shiny new room that no spiders can access.

Enough of the misery, onto the dream.

I want to create a sanctuary; something calming and gentle that will co-ordinate with my bedroom.  Neutral tones, contemporary lines and a splash of colour.  I'd love more storage, a basin that stands on a unit and posh taps.  Oh, and a heated towel rail.  I've always wanted one of those.  I quite like the shower boards instead of tiles.  No chance of any spiders getting through those!  Take a look at my Pinterest board to see more of my ideas and plans.  The only trouble is, the more I pin the more I want!

This would be the ultimate room, but unfortunately even a renovation wouldn't give me that.  I'd need a new house!

Image from Jenny Martin Design

A huge thank you to Tots 100 and for this competition.  Even if I don't win I've now got all my ideas ready for when we can afford to do the work. painting and decorating