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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Project 365: Days 188 - 194

Day 188: It was so hot today that we got the paddling pool out.  The boys thought is was brilliant and they jumped straight in.  Even Ollie enjoyed himself.

Day 189: It was a real struggle to get Ollie to bed tonight.  He kept coming down and when I told him off he sat at the bottom of the stairs in a bit of a strop.

Day 190: My pumpkins are growing! I am growing quite a few bits of veg this year, but the pumpkins fascinate me the most.  The plants are getting really big and I can't believe all of this has grown from one seed.  Fingers crossed we'll have a pumpkin for Halloween.

Day 191: Ollie was in a funny mood today and was dancing around with his socks on his hands, making me laugh. 

Day 192: I appear to have a Harry Potter in the garden.  Ethan does love dressing up.

Day 193: Ollie was hiding his eyes behind his hands and giggling hysterically when I said peepo.  

Day 194: A rare photo of Zac, just because I don't seem to get as many of him as he's getting older.  He is growing up so fast.

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Project 365: Days 76 - 82

Day 76: Fireman Sam - O is going through a dressing up phase and is loving his Fireman Sam sleepsuit at the moment. I just adore the toddler phase.

Day 77: My three boys - it's next to impossible to get a decent photo of the boys together but I came home from work today and they were all in a cooperative mood.  It was only when I looked back at the photo that I realised my oldest doesn't look too happy.  I think it was because his little brothers were messing around a little bit.

Day 78: Rock Star - E was trying to develop his rock star slide with the guitar.  He didn't quite get it though and just ended up lying flat on the floor!

Day 79: Thomas fan - O spent most of the day playing with his trains.  He's lined up all of his Thomas trains to go around the track.

Day 80: Driving in his car - the weather was a bit nicer today so we dusted off the battery operated Lighning McQueen car for O. He loved it!

Day 81: Puddle jumping - O took great delight in jumping in every puddle in our driveway. He soaked himself (and me) but it was great fun.  

Day 82: A new belt - My oldest two boys had their kickboxing grading today and they both got new belts.  They are doing so well at kickboxing and I am so proud of them.  They are both little stars.

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Sunday, 22 January 2012

My little superheroes

My children love dressing up.  They've got a trunk full of the classic 'boys' costumes - everything from a fireman and doctor through to the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine, and, of course, all of the Superheroes.  I've got so many photos of the boys in different costumes that it was hard to choose one for this post.  Searching through all my photos has also made me realise that I'm totally disorganised and I really need to sort them all out.  It was hard work!!

I did however, come across this photo.  It was taken nearly two years ago, just before they went to a fancy dress party, and what I love most is the brotherly love.  I'd never get a photo of them together like this now; they'd be at each others throats!  Here we have Superheroes united!

Ready to fight all baddies
This is my entry into the competition over on Mummy Loves blog.  You could win an amazing £100 in Amazon vouchers just by posting a picture of your little one in their favourite dressing up outfit.  The competition is sponsored by Appliances Online Washing Machines.

I'm keeping everything crossed......