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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Styling with Next

When I walk into most children's clothing store I get really frustrated with the limited choice of boys clothes, and this is usually emphasised by the pure abundance of clothes for girls.  I don't really get it.  I want to dress my boys well and make them look good but some clothes shops seem to think that all boys want are jeans and blue t-shirts.

Thankfully, this isn't the case everywhere.  I love that I can walk into a clothes shop such as Next and see a huge array of boys clothes in all colours and designs spread out before me.  So when I discovered that All Baby Advice were running a competition to win £500 to spend at Next I had to give it a go.

I have loved searching through all the gorgeous clothes on the Next website to find the perfect outfits to suit my boys personalities.

First up is Zac:

Zac is 6 years old and has just started to become interested in fashion.  He is quite small and clothes always seem to look great on him.  His favourite hobby is playing computer games and he loves anything red.  I have chosen a pair of Belted Indigo Skinny Jeans as the skinny fit works best with his shape, and he also really need a belt to hold his jeans up!  I have paired these with the fantastic Grey Stone Roses T-shirt.  As soon as I saw this I knew I had to get it for him.  Firstly, the song title named on the t-shirt "I wanna be adored" is so apt for Zac.  As my first born he has got a bit of a superiority complex (I refuse to take any responsibility for this!)  The song could have been written for him.  Also, my other half is currently reliving his youth and is off to see The Stone Roses on the weekend so I know he would absolutely love to see Zac in this (plus I must admit I think it's really cool).  I have added a Navy Angry Birds Hoody to satisfy his need for anything gaming related and to add a bit of fun.  This outfit is then finished off with the Lace-Up Shoes in red and the Red Nylon Jacket simply because red is his favourite colour.  Altogether a cool outfit for my cool dude and all for just £80.

Next up is Ethan:

Ethan is 4 years old is very different to Zac even though he looks up to him in lots of ways.  He is a stockier build, loves anything green and is obsessed with dinosaurs.  He's not very interested in clothes and all he wants is to feel comfortable.  For him I have chosen these Grey Rib Waist Roll Leg Trousers.  He isn't keen on denim as he says it irritates him so would much prefer these soft trousers.  Also, he would feel much more confident being out and about in them as he can pull them up and down himself (he's not very good with buttons yet).  I have added the Dinosaur Badge Polo Shirt in green because, as I've already said, green is his favourite colour and he will love the dinosaur motif.  I'm continuing the dinosaur theme with the Navy Dino Hoody and I've finished Ethan's outfit off with Grey Retro Trainers and a Hooded Nylon Jacket in green.  I think this is a lovely outfit for a dinosaur mad boy and the whole thing costs only £68 in his size.

Lastly we have Oliver:

My last outfit is for 20 month old Oliver.  He couldn't care less about what he's wearing but I love this as, unlike with the other two, it means there's no arguments about what I've picked out for him to wear.  He is busy and noisy and adores his big brothers.  He loves Mickey Mouse and kicking balls around.  He is a happy, smiley little boy and I love to see him in bright colours as they suit his personality.  I have chosen a pair of Mid Badge Jogger Jeans for him as they've got a ribbed waist which will make it easy to get them off for those many nappy changes, and also ribbed leg cuffs which I think is vital at this stage as it avoids the 'tripping over the trouser leg' problem when he's toddling around.  I've added this Little But Loud T-Shirt as this is exactly what he is!  This Blue Stripe Zip Hoody will keep him warm while still looking cute and then I've added Grey Character Shoes and this Yellow Transport Print Cagoule which will add a fantastic splash of colour on grey, rainy days.  This outfit will suit his cheeky personality and I know will be very hard wearing, as all Next clothes are.  It is great value for money at £60.

So there's my three gorgeous boys styled in outfits that would be perfect for them and I have only spent £208 so I would still be able to buy lots more.  I have started adding more items that I love onto my Pinterest board which you can see here.  It's my virtual shopping list for my boys.

If you would like to enter this fantastic competition why not pop over to All Baby Advice to find out what you need to do.