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Friday, 15 July 2016

Beech's Chocolate Review

Anyone who knows me will know that I love a bit of chocolate, and I'm always happy to find something new.  A friend of mine recently gave me a box of Beech's Chocolates and I fell in love straight away.  They were Dark Chocolate Fruit Creams which consisted of orange, lime, raspberry and lemon centres all wrapped in a really high quality dark chocolate.  The orange ones were my favourite but they were all utterly divine.

I tweeted Beech's Chocolates to let them know how much I had enjoyed them and they offered to send me more of their chocolates to try.  There was no way I was turning that down.  A few days later I received a box containing a variety of goodies including Milk Chocolate Coconut Macaroons, Original Dark Chocolate Mint Creams, Original Milk Chocolate Coffee Creams, and Teddy Bears Picnic.

Mint must surely be one of the favourite flavours, and the combination of mint and dark chocolate must be one of the best.  These do not diasappoint.  They are a lovely size and have a deep filling of mint.  With 14 in a box they would be the perfect end to a dinner party.


 I'm probably in a minority when I say that coffee creams are one of my favourite flavours.  I have always loved them but have found it really hard to find a decent one recently, until now that is.  These are amazing.  They're not too strong, but have a beautifully creamy, smooth coffee flavour which is perfectly complemented by the milk chocolate.  Though a quick look at the website shows them with dark chocolate too, which are next on my list to try.
I love the box design!
Coconut has never been a favourite of mine.  I love the smell, but I'm not that keen on the texture so I find it hard to eat.  I got my friends to try this one for me and the consensus was that it's lovely. Great flavour and texture and a perfect gift.  Not for me but you can't like everything, right?

I do adore the family of teddy bears in the Teddy Bears Picnic box.  They are filled with a lovely, soft caramel, though the detail on them is so lovely they are almost too good to eat.  Almost.  My children loved them too.  I was given all of the Mama Bear ones to eat :-)

I am so happy I've discovered these lovely chocolates.  Beech's Fine Chocolates use 100% natural ingredients, all of their products are gluten free and many are suitable for Vegans.  They offer free first class delivery with a spend of over £12 and if you subscribe to their newsletter you'll get automatic entry into their free prize draws!  What are you waiting for?  Give them a try.  I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

I'm off to lie down now as I have eaten far too much chocolate.  Though before I do, I may just order the Creams Collection as there's an amazing offer on right now.  I'll need something to keep me going through the long school holidays.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Project 365: Days 12 - 18

Day 12: Bathtime - Sunday night is always a busy night getting everything ready for school and work the next day, but I love bathtime when they get to play for a while.

Day 13: Mummy's bed - O is up late as usual and wants to sleep in my bed. I do usually let him for a little while as I love the cuddles.

Day 14: Number practise - O is practising copying numbers and is doing really well. It's hard to see in this photo but he's done a perfect number 2. I was really impressed.

Day 15: Puddles - O does love jumping in puddles and he seemed to find this one particularly fascinating.  It was in the middle of my office car park so not the ideal place to stop but it was really hard to get him away.

Day 16: Baking - I made a lemon drizzle cake to take to lunch with my friends and O insisted on me making chocolate brownies too.  In hindsight I think his ploy all along was just to get to lick the spoon.

Day 17: Kickboxing - Z has gone up a group in kickboxing and does more sparring now so we got him all the padding that he needs. He had to try his headguard and gloves on straight away.

Day 18: Brotherly - E and O cuddle all the time and I love catching them on camera. These are the photos that I'll love to look back on in a few years time.

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Project 365: Days 160 - 166

Day 160: Shipwreck - we went to Rhosilli Beach which is part of the National Trust coastline and had an amazing day. The weather was beautiful, we jumped over waves and checked out all the caves, and even saw an actual shipwreck. How cool is that?

Day 161: Reading - Ethan loved to read and tries to read anything and everything. He's in bed reading a Batman comic and doing the puzzles.

Day 162: Peppa Pig - we got a personalised book to review and it's now one of Ollie's favourites as he can't believe that it's actually him in the book.

Day 163: Who cares if it's raining? - my friends came for lunch and the children decided that they would like to go out to play in the rain. Ollie loved jumping on the trampoline wearing only his t-shirt.

Day 164: Monsters! - Ollie loved the Lego monster that his dad made for him and went around the housing roaring at anyone in sight.

Day 165: Girls weekend - I went on an overnight stay at a spa in Birmingham with my friends and it was amazing.  To be honest, it was more about the food, wine and gossip and less about the treatments for me.  And the food was totally amazing. This is my extremely chocolatey dessert.

Day 166: Home Sweet Home - I loved my night away and having time for myself, but I did moss my boys and it was lovely to get home and see them.  There were lots of cuddles.

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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Project 365: Days 90 - 96

Day 90: Chocolate! - I never usually get an Easter egg all to myself but hubby surprised me with this massive Dairy Milk one.  Happy Easter to me.

Day 91: My boys - We went to my in-laws for lunch and an Easter egg hunt which the boys thoroughly enjoyed.  This is after they'd found (and eaten) their chocolate.

Day 92: More chocolate - there's just too much of it in the house.  I finished off this bag of mini eggs as I figured that the sooner it was eaten the better.  The problem is there's still lots more to eat.  Well, if I must.....

Day 93: LEGO - my oldest son has started following the instructions to build LEGO vehicles.  He's really good at it and follows the instructions perfectly.  He obviously takes after me.

Day 94: Shower - almost a year after ripping our old shower out we finally have a brand new one.  It's amazing.  

Day 95: Painting rocks - we had a bit of a craft day today.  The older boys did their homework ready to go back to school next week and then we painted some rocks and anything else the boys could get their hands on.  It was great fun.

Day 96: Pampering - I went on a spa day to my local hotel and had an eye treatment and a manicure.  It was bliss to sit there in peace, have a lovely lunch with a glass or two of wine, and a chat.  I feel very chilled out now.  Maybe I should do it more often.

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Win a bundle of goodies from Cadbury

Win this fantastic bundle of goodies from Cadbury

The summer holidays are here, and whilst your little ones may be super excited about being off school especially during London 2012, this long break poses a problem for parents - so, how can you keep your whole family entertained? To help you we've come up with our top five things to do during the Summer Holidays - with the Olympic Games in mind....

1)    Explore the great outdoors? Even if it is just the local park!
Taking your kids to a park is one of the easiest things you can do and not only is it free, there are plenty of things to do there to keep your kids entertained. You can rent bikes, go on a horse ride, play sport and even have a picnic!

2)    Get their creative juices flowing with some culture!
Again, lots of museums are free entry and are fun and educational for the whole family. There are many fun activities you can do with your children when you are there, for example if you are at an art gallery why not get the kids to have a go at a masterpiece themselves!

3)    Turn your little swimmers into champions!
Get your children into the spirit of the Olympics by challenging them to a swimming competition. Not only is this great exercise for the kids but splashing around is also fun for parents too!

4)    Award gold medals with your own Olympic bakeoff!
Why not bake cakes for any Olympic parties you might be having? Turn the baking into a competition and award gold medals to the most outstanding effort!

5)    Take your children to Cadbury House
It's all about Cadbury House at Hyde Park, which will be running 27th July to 12th August where children will be able to take part in the ultimate chocolate experience from experiencing the 'Chocolatrium' to participating in the Great Games Hall in loads of fun Olympic themed games. It's the perfect place to keep children busy during the summer holidays and Olympics.

Running from the 27th July to 12th August, Cadbury House at Hyde Park is part of the BT London Live experience throughout the London 2012 Olympic Games. Your children will enter through a walkway into a tasting zone to experience Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, before continuing into the ?Chocolatrium? to take part in Cadbury experiences for Twirl, Creme Egg, Wispa, Freddo and Cadbury Dairy Milk, before moving into the Great Games Hall to try out a series of Olympic themed games and stand on a podium to be awarded a Cadbury chocolate medal. It is the perfect place to take your kids during the Olympics, and a place for you to enjoy some chocolate yourselves! Check out our video to see it being made:

To get your hands on a hamper all you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter form below.

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