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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Project 365: Days 40 - 46

Apologies for the photos being out of order, it was the only way I could get them to fit in the collage.

Day 40: Car trip - I thought it was very sweet that my oldest and youngest were holding hands in the car, though as you can see my middle boy wasn't so happy.  He wanted to get in on the photo but gave me the 'evil eyes' .

Day 41: Weight training - I've got my weights out in the bedroom as I'm supposed to be working out (I haven't managed to start yet), so O thought it would be great fun to do a bit of weight training.

Day 42: Sleeping - I tried out The Boy and Me's trick of using alternative lighting to take a photo at night.  I like the way the torch has lit up the photo without washing the colour out.

Day 43: Sleeping buddies - I couldn't resist taking a photo of O and E asleep together.  They looked so cute.

Day 44 : Journey to school - We were on our way to school and I loved how sweet E looked with his hat on.  I had stopped the car before I took the photo! ;-)

Day 45: Valentines - this is the card that my boys made for me.  I love it.

Day 46: Ukulele - O wouldn't go to bed tonight, instead coming back down to play a little tune on his ukulele.  He might be following his older brother with his love of music.

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Project 365: Days 20 - 26

Here is week 4 of Project 365.  You can join in too over on The Boy And Me.

Day 20: Today was jigsaw day
Day 21: Oldest helping my youngest do a Thomas jigsaw on the iPad
Day 22: Fascinated by bubbles
Day 23: I found a great new setting on my camera
Day 24: Helping clear the piles of snow
Day 25: My oldest got the Writer of the Month trophy from school!
Day 26: car shopping - I think my youngest has found the car of his dreams

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Food for family car journeys

Travelling with a young family can be a stressful experience.  Keeping everyone topped up with healthy, nutritious food will go a long way to making sure that a long car journey doesn’t turn into a road trip nightmare.

Hungry kids are fractious kids, so always make sure that you pack adequate food for the journey. Keep things fresh by bringing a cool box or bag and make sure that you have healthy, dry snacks at the ready.

Follow these simple tips, and while we can’t guarantee a peaceful car ride, at least you’ll be well prepared.

Foods to avoid

Sugary treats will buy you a few minutes silence, but a sugar rush followed by a crash won’t do anything to keep the peace in the long run.

Just like us, children have a tendency to feel hungry when they’re bored.  Try to distract little ones with in-car games, like I spy and bingo. If all else fails, go for healthy snacks. Dried fruit satisfies a sweet tooth, but it’s healthy too.

Less mess

Cleaning up smears of food from car seats is no fun. Be sure to pack things that are easy to eat and won’t damage the upholstery if they get dropped.

Pitta pockets and wraps might be a better alternative to sandwiches as fillings are less likely to be spilled.

If possible, pull over to an appropriate area for your young passengers to eat. Not only will you reduce the amount of food that ends up on the seats and floor, but the risk of choking is minimised.

To make the trip more enjoyable, plan ahead to stop somewhere nice for lunch. A well-planned break can turn an arduous journey into a memorable family day out.

Make sure that everyone has a chance to stretch their legs too – after all, it’s not just children who get irritated when cooped up for too long.

Slow burn

The best foods for long journeys are ones that release their energy over a long period of time. Cereals like oats and barley as well as pulses are great foods for sustaining even energy levels – good for the kids and ideal for the driver, helping to maintain concentration.

Long lasting energy from oatcakes, wholemeal bread and bean salads are an important part of a healthy road trip meal.


Car sickness can be a major problem for young passengers and fatty foods really won’t help.

Stick instead to raw fresh veggies like carrot sticks, celery, cucumber and peppers. Go for low-fat sandwich, pita or wrap fillings like chicken or tuna and steer clear of mayonnaise.  

Fresh fruit salads or seasonal compotes are a better choice than sticky cakes or pastries.


Good hydration is very important, but avoid giving children fizzy drinks or bottles of juice. They’ll gulp them down and soon need the toilet.

A good solution, especially during the summer months, is to freeze a bottle of water or juice. Kids will love handling the cool container and because they can only sip the melt water, they won’t be able to guzzle the drink too quickly.

Don’t forget to give your car a once-over before you leave home. Inspect oil, coolant and other fluid levels, make sure tyres are fully inflated and check that your car insurance
 offers an appropriate level of cover for the driving you’ll be doing.

Author Bio:
Liam Williams writes for the Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters blog. In his spare time he enjoys motoring and organic gardening.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How to make your car child-friendly

This is a guest post by Kath Morgan

If you have kids, there’s a good chance that a large proportion of your motoring hours are spent ferrying them to and fro – or you’re all piling into the car for a family day out.

You might be the person who buys, maintains and fuels the family car, but your kids spend a lot of time in it too. You’d be wise to bear this in mind when stocking up on all those in-car essentials.

Here are our recommendations for making sure your car is KIDS friendly.

Kit – Kit out your family car with all the essential tools for their health and comfort and be prepared for every eventuality.
Health: Always carry a first-aid kit for those minor mishaps that seem to go hand in hand with kids and travel. A good first-aid kit might contain: a thermometer, some infant Calpol or other child-appropriate pain reliever, sticking plasters and bandages, insect repellent, antiseptic cream, calamine lotion, a gel pack, antihistamine cream and rehydration powder. Note emergency contact numbers on the inside lid of the box.

Comfort: A kit-bag stocked with loose comfortable clothing comes in handy in case of spillage or an accident. Include lots of layers as temperatures inside a car can fluctuate.

A couple of blankets and a pillow or two are great when the kids decide they need a nap. Put in a sun-hat for each child and a bottle of suntan lotion.

If you have a baby on board add a bib, nappies, wipes and nappy rash cream. Removable window shades can help with glare.

In-car Entertainment – There’s no reason why your child should ever get bored in the car. Cater for every mood by including entertainment to appeal to their whole range of learning styles.  
Visual – Invest in a built-in DVD player and turn your car into a mobile cinema. Or if you have more than one child, consider individual portable players, which mean no arguments about what to watch. You can plug in headphones, too, and let the adults up front enjoy the peace.

Auditory – Make a kid-friendly iPod mix to share together and get into a bit of family karaoke. Alternatively, those individual headphones will allow everyone to be their own DJ. Recorded books are a great way to share a story.  

Read/Write – Keep a small stock of fiction and puzzle books to hand. A good story, crossword or word search could keep the kids busy for hours.

Kinaesthetic – Fitting a travel tray onto the rear of the front seat will enable kids to play with travel board games, colouring books or sticker books. For babies, try magnetic building blocks or fuzzy felt. A favourite cuddly toy kept in the car can be a great comfort for all ages.

Diet – Keep a mix of healthy, dried foods in a cool-box to fill in those hungry moments while dashing from A to B. Peanuts, dry biscuits, dried fruit and crisps keep well and shouldn’t upset small stomachs. A permanent supply of water is advisable, too. If you are stocking up especially for the journey, add some frozen juice boxes and fresh fruit.

Safety – Before you stock the car with lots of fun stuff for the kids, make sure you’ve taken care of the more serious stuff such as car insurance, road tax and an up-to-date MOT. In addition to these basics, when travelling with children you should check that the child locking system is working on all relevant doors and that you are using the correct child car seat, fitted safely.

Follow our recommendations and your kids should be healthy, engaged, well-nourished and safe while travelling in your family car.

Author Bio:

Kath Morgan writes about a whole host of motoring topics, including family travel, car insurance and safety concerns. An avid traveller, she spent many years living abroad and understands the lure of the open road only too well. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Decisions, decisions

It's crunch time for my car.  We have put up with it for the past 11 months since Ollie has been born, but there's only so many journeys I can handle being squashed between two car seats in the back.  Three children and 'normal' cars just don't work.  They may be classed as 5 seaters, but they're certainly not when you factor in the car seats.

Since I've had Ollie, we've had to put Zac's car seat in the front, leaving me sat between Ethan and Ollie.  Now this has caused a few issues:
1 - I have to put up with my husband's driving! (he refuses to sit in the back)
2 - I don't fit very well and can't move once I'm in there
3 - We can't really go anywhere long distance as it's way too uncomfortable, and
4 - Ollie plays up.  It's as if because he can see me, he thinks he should be able to come out.  I spend most journeys trying to pacify him.

We always intended to change our car when I fell pregnant with Ollie; we knew my Peugeot 308 just wouldn't cut it.  But finances dictated and we kept putting it off.  We did look at lots of cars.  My husband got himself a Mazda and when we went to pick it up I fell in love with the Mazda 5.  It has sliding back doors and didn't look too much like a people carrier.  I soon realised why.  There's still not three full car seats in the back, so I would have had to put one of the boys into the third row permanently, which I didn't really want to do.

Around this time, I also decided to become a childminder, so we would definitely need a car with more seats. But what to get?  And how would we afford it?  I have spent so many hours online, looking at different options, yet months have passed and we've still got the same car.  But now it's coming to the point where I've got no choice but to make a decision.  I always buy cars on those three year agreements you get with new car dealers.  I've always found it easier, if something goes wrong I can get it sorted, and I get to drive a nice new car every three years.  Anyway, my three years is almost up.  And the other pressing factor is that my childminding application has been submitted.

I had a phone call from my local Peugeot garage this week so went down to see them and have a look at what was on offer.  I loved one particular car (the 5008 if anyone is interested) but the price tag was way too high.  Even with the discount they offered there was just no way that I could afford it.  I was really disappointed, but I suppose I can't expect them to just give it away (though that would have been nice and would have made me a loyal customer for life!!) It's just so frustrating.  They did make me a really good offer on another car (308 SW).  It's got the option of having 7 seats, though it's more of a temporary 7 seater.  The offer is so good though that everyone is saying I'd be stupid not to take it.  And the more I think about it, the more I'm wondering if it could work.  My husband loves it because it's got a panoramic glass roof (that's how much interest he is taking).

It wouldn't have been my first choice, but it seems like the only way I'm going to get a bigger car, and move all three boys into the back.  It would be so nice to travel as a passenger in the front again!  The more I think about it, the more it's growing on me.  But it's so hard to make a decision about such a big purchase.  I've been reading lots of reviews online, and I haven't read anything yet that's put me off. I found a video on that explained lots about how the seating arrangements work.  I think it may be okay for me.  I might phone to order it tomorrow.  Unless I win the lottery tonight of course ;-)

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