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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Beach fun with National Trust #50Things and giveaway

As the weather has been so lovely lately we decided to take a trip to the coast, and what better place to go that the beautiful Rhosilli Bay which in on the South Gower coast.  If you've ever been there you'll know what I mean.  If you haven't here's some pictures of this fabulous place.

The coastline is owned by the National Trust so it was also the perfect place to go to catch up on a few of our 50 Things activities.

There were lots of caves and the boys even manged to explore a few.  My five year old was straight in there but my seven year old made me laugh as he was afraid of everything.  There was a really strange noise coming out of this cave though so we didn't stay too long.  I still don't know what it was.

Outside the cave there was an actual bonafide shipwreck.  It's called Helvetia; a ship wrecked in 1887.  The boys didn't believe me at first but I showed them the netting and part of the ship that is visible when the tide is out.  Isn't that amazing?  It's not often you get to see a shipwreck.

Then we had a very long walk down to the sea to jump over some waves.  We all had great fun splashing around in the sea, and even though my 2 year old was a bit wary to start with, he soon joined in with the fun. After getting soaked we decided it was time to collect some water for the moat around the sandcastle that we were planning to build, so we got that and headed off back up the beach.

We spent the next few hours climbing up the rocks, building sandcastles and some cool sand cars.  The boys had one each (you can see those in the first photo at the top.

We didn't manage to catch any crabs today, so that'll be something to do on our next trip to Rhosilli.  I'm sure we'll be back there before long.

Would you like to win a family pass to a National Trust property in Wales just in time for the summer holidays?   Just tell me where your favourite beach is in the comments section below, and don't forgot to say that you've entered in Rafflecopter.  Good luck.

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Project 365: Days 160 - 166

Day 160: Shipwreck - we went to Rhosilli Beach which is part of the National Trust coastline and had an amazing day. The weather was beautiful, we jumped over waves and checked out all the caves, and even saw an actual shipwreck. How cool is that?

Day 161: Reading - Ethan loved to read and tries to read anything and everything. He's in bed reading a Batman comic and doing the puzzles.

Day 162: Peppa Pig - we got a personalised book to review and it's now one of Ollie's favourites as he can't believe that it's actually him in the book.

Day 163: Who cares if it's raining? - my friends came for lunch and the children decided that they would like to go out to play in the rain. Ollie loved jumping on the trampoline wearing only his t-shirt.

Day 164: Monsters! - Ollie loved the Lego monster that his dad made for him and went around the housing roaring at anyone in sight.

Day 165: Girls weekend - I went on an overnight stay at a spa in Birmingham with my friends and it was amazing.  To be honest, it was more about the food, wine and gossip and less about the treatments for me.  And the food was totally amazing. This is my extremely chocolatey dessert.

Day 166: Home Sweet Home - I loved my night away and having time for myself, but I did moss my boys and it was lovely to get home and see them.  There were lots of cuddles.

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Project 365: Days 62 - 68

Day 62: Seaside fun - well, at least it was supposed to be.  We decided to drive down to the Gower in Swansea and stopped at Oxwich Bay.  The sun was (almost) shining so we got a ball from the car and headed down the beach.  It was so cold and windy that the little one refused to walk and the older two complained bitterly.  We lasted about 15 minutes before heading back to the car.  Hubby was told in work the next day that Oxwich is renowned for being windy, hence all the surfing action there.  Hmm, I never knew that....

Day 63: Toddler tantrums - I worked today so not much opportunity to take photos, but I took this one of the toddler after he threw his duvet out of the cot, no doubt complaining about going to bed.

Day 64: Fast asleep -  Again, another day in work so another bedtime photo.  This is my middle boy surrounded by his toys.  He loves all his cuddly toys and can't sleep unless he has them all in bed with him.  One of his favourites at the moment is Luigi (because he's green).

Day 65: Show me the rabbit -  The little one and I spent the afternoon at my mum's and my sister took O out to show him the bunny rabbit.  He enjoyed stroking him for all of 30 seconds before a football caught his attention.  I think the rabbit was quite pleased though as the poor thing was petrified.

Day 66: Poorly boy - O has come down with a cough and cold so asked to sleep in my bed.  I do love having cuddles with him and could spend hours just watching him sleep. 

Day 67: Train-time - Oliver insists on having a train track built for him every day.  He loves nothing more than attaching all the trains together and running them around the track.

Day 68: School work - I had parents evening for my oldest son this week and I was so proud to be told how well he is doing in school.  He really enjoys learning and does a bit of work every day at home.  He's got this book where he writes stories and draws pictures to go with them.  He's my little budding author.

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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lost keys!

Do you ever get a feeling that someone's trying to tell you something?

We were on our way out today when we realised that my car keys were missing.  Hubby used my car yesterday so I'm accepting no responsibility for this.  We searched and searched to no avail, so eventually gave up and got my spare set of keys.  That's not a problem right?  Keys go missing all the time.

We drove down to the coast and decided to go for a walk down the beach.  It was bitterly cold and windy and the children started to complain straight away so we didn't stay long before deciding to head back to the car.  But, hang on... hubby can't find my keys.  He searches his pockets but they're not there, plus we both realise that we haven't got our mobile phones with us.  The boys are freezing so I walk back to the car with them, leaving hubby to walk back down the beach in search of the lost keys.

I get to the car and notice that the keys are in the ignition and the car had obviously been left unlocked.  Both our mobile phones were in the car and the hand brake had been left off.  Wow, I was amazed that the car was still there!  It must have been our lucky day!

Maybe when the keys went missing this morning, someone was trying to tell us to stay at home!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Coombe Mill - part 2

One of the best bits of staying at Coombe Mill was the feed run every morning which my boys thoroughly enjoyed.  But the is more to Coombe Mill than the animals.

On our first night there we went for a wander around the grounds and the children were delighted to find this fantastic play area.  There was a pirate ship and a trampoline and lots of muddy puddles for the little one to jump in (though these are weather dependant!)  It was hard to get the children out of there but as it was getting late, and we were all starving I bribed them with chocolate appealed to their better nature to get them to come back to out fabulous Scandinavian Lodge.

Ship Ahoy!
The Scandinavian Lodges are amazing.  The one we stayed in could sleep up to seven people so there was lots of room.    The living/kitchen/dining area was open plan and the full ceiling height made it even more spacious.  It was like a home from home as the kitchen was fully equipped with every appliance including a washing machine and tumble dryer, making those wet, muddy days so much easier and I could throw it all in the wash.  

The decking outside our lodge
Popping into reception was great as there were lots of things there to borrow or buy.  From bread and milk to homemade meals and desserts to buy.  Wellies, potties, games to borrow.  There's no need to pack your car with everything your little one needs as most of it is available to borrow on a first come first served basis.

I mentioned one of the play areas earlier; well that's not the only one.  There was another outdoor play area right next to our lodge.  The children would go racing off to it at any opportunity.  My oldest just loved the zip wire and the younger two loved the swings and climbing frame.  There's a baby swing here too which my little one thoroughly enjoyed.

If the weather is really bad there is an indoor play area.  We did have a look but never used it as, even though we stayed in October, the weather wasn't too bad, and even if it was raining the kids didn't care and would be outside playing with their waterproofs on.

We had lots of fun at Coombe Mill but we did spend some time exploring the surrounding areas.  It took us a while to get used to the narrow country lanes (though I do think that some of them could have been avoided if we hadn't followed our sat nav!), but we found some absolutely beautiful areas.  From Port Isaac on a drizzly day......

To the amazing Polzeath beach.  Who would have thought that it's October!!  The children adored it here.

 We also found a lovely little model railway museum and my train obsessed 2 year old can't believe his eyes.

We ended our week with a visit to Padstow for fish and chips, followed by ice-cream.  

Rain or shine, there is so much to do whether you stay on the farm, or go exploring.  This was my first visit to  Cornwall (and Coombe Mill) but it certainly won't be my last.
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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Planes, trains and automobiles

Well, the trains and automobiles bit anyway. I haven't even seen a plane today.

Today has been a day of ups and downs. Despite feeling rough I have been dragged out of the house by my husband a children. We headed towards the beach in the biggest rain shower I have ever seen but thankfully when we got there the sun was shining. Then came the downs. We realised that we didn't have any money for a car park ticket and it was about half a mile walk back into town to the cashpoint (we didn't want to drive back as we'd found a car parking space and it was really busy). So I decided to walk, leaving hubby with the boys. The baby was fast asleep in the car so not a problem, right? Wrong. I'd just got to the cashpoint when I had a phone call from a very irate husband. The baby had woken up and started crying, and I had locked the car and had the car keys in my bag. I ran back to the car (not an easy feat as I am so unfit), in a state of panic. Hubby kept phoning and shouting at me for being so stupid, as if I could possibly feel any more worse than I already did. I eventually got there to find my gorgeous boy in a bath of sweat, screaming at the top of his lungs. It took lots of cuddles to console him but he did finally calm down. I feel like the worst mother in the world.

So, what to do to make it up to him? Ice-cream! Works every time. All four boys (hubby included) enjoyed an ice-cream on the promenade and things were looking up. The boys were happy, the sun was shining and there was a land train. The baby was so excited. He is obsessed with trains at the moment so we promised him a ride on it before we went home.

First it was time for the beach, as what's the point in a trip to the seaside if you don't actually get to play on the sand? The tide was out so the boys took full advantage of playing and getting soaking wet in the rock pools. The baby on the other hand dragged me back to the promenade to look for the train. I tried to take him to the park but he wasn't having any of it. He just wanted that train. And what my boy wants my boy gets (well, after I've locked him in a car anyway).

The train arrived and we all got on. And what did the little one do? He cried. Typical. I think he realised that it wasn't actually Thomas the Tank Engine. He did settle after a while and enjoyed the rest of the ride.

I didn't take half as many photos as I should have. I still haven't quite got the knack of doing that while trying to stop three excited boys running straight off the promenade. I did manage a few though.