Monday, 31 July 2017

New beginnings

I just logged into my blog for the first time in ages and realised that it's been over a year since my last post. I have thought about giving it up as I never seem to find the time or motivation to write, but there's just so much going on at the moment that I think it'll be good for me to have an outlet. So I'm going to keep going for a little while longer, if only for the sake of my own mental health.

And talking of mental health, I gave up my job of 15 years last year. It was a massive relief at the time as I hadn't been happy there for a while, but now I've had a bit of time away from it all I do miss that structure to my week and contact with other staff in the office. I haven't been a lady of leisure for the past year though; I started a small ironing business which is doing well, and I love seeing my customers every week, but I am starting to feel a bit lonely.  My children are in school all day and it's just me and my iron. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks of having my children at home to keep me company. When they go back to school I've decided that I need to look for another job to get me out of the house. Spending too much time alone with my own thoughts is getting a bit too much!

So, new job to find. I'm already dreading he process of it - applications, interviews (hopefully) and starting something completely new with people I don't know. It's a scary thought.

The next thing is we've sold our house! Now we've got to start packing up our lives. We've accumulated a lot of stuff since moving into our current house 14 years ago. Back then it was just me, my husband, and a cat. We've lost the cat but have acquired three children and a dog. They all come with their own stuff. To be honest, the thought of moving has been filling me with dread, and I've suffered from a few health problems because of it. I won't bore anyone with the details as it all really stems from anxiety. I have thought about stopping the sale more than a few times, but we've got our reasons for moving so I need to be a big girl and keep going. I just hope that the end result with be worth it.

So, new job and new house (hopefully).

Do things come in threes? I'm going to be forty this year, and as the saying goes, life begins at forty. Maybe that'll be it. I hope so. I don't think I could take any more changes.

I just wish I could go back to where I stayed on holiday in Cornwall last week. Cornwall takes all my worries away.

So that's it. Just a quick post to get started again. I think I may need this over the next few months.

Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes, Cornwall