Sunday, 27 October 2013

Love Your Gums

If there was one thing that I could change about myself it would be my teeth.  When I was young and I started to lose my baby teeth, I didn't have enough adult teeth to replace them which has left me with some gaps.  Then, vanity as a teenager saw me refuse a bridge (as to me it just meant I would have a false tooth) which has meant my teeth have moved.  Now I hate my smile and I would give anything to go back and have that bridge so that I could have a smile just like this.

I've always gone to the dentist regularly.  I remember going when I was young and it never bothered me.  I had the obligatory train-track brace as a teenager, but that was fine.  But as I've got older I seem to have developed a little bit of fear around going.  It's something about not being able to swallow while my mouth is open for long periods.  Then a recent bad experience with root canal treatment has left me really afraid.

I'm sure I'm not the only one.  A bit of tooth pain and I'm immediately petrified of the thought of going to the dentist other than for my usual check up.  I know it's important, but I do tend to delay it for as long as possible.  I figure that if I look after my teeth well myself by brushing a flossing regularly, then it's not that bad if I don't book an appointment straight away.....

I was recently sent a tube of the new Oral-B Pro-Expert Premium Gum Protection toothpaste to try.  I always thought that all toothpaste was the same so didn't expect this to be any different.  So I tried it, and I loved it!  It gives me that lovely clean feeling of just having been to the hygienist.  You know, when they polish your teeth and they feel really smooth afterwards.  It's also really fresh, but without that overly minty taste that some other brands leave.  I am very impressed and I will definitely be buying more.

Oral B are running a campaign to promote the importance of healthy gums.  I've only really suffered with bleeding gums in pregnancy, at the same time that even brushing my teeth would make me gag.  It wasn't a pleasant time.  I kept brushing though as I know the risks of gum disease, and I certainly didn't want to lose any more seeing as I didn't have enough to start with!  I do think that pregnancy did affect my teeth and gums as I seem to have had a few more problems since having my children.  I wish Oral-B Pro-Expert Premium Gum Protection toothpaste had been around them as I'm certain it would have helped.

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Save money by switching your energy supplier! [Infographic]

If you're anything like me you'll be looking for ways to save money at the moment.  Times are hard and I check every month that I'm getting me best deal on all my bills, especially the household ones.  This infographic shows us how much we can save simply by switching our energy supplier.  I'll definitely be checking out whether I can get a better price.

 Switch Energy Supplier Infographic
Brought to you by Ovo Energy – the cheaper, greener and simpler energy supplier

Monday, 7 October 2013

My Kids have Captured the Colour

My boys have always loved taking photos so they were really excited when I told them they were going to get a new camera to take part in a competition.  It did have to be a joint effort between Zac (7) and Ethan (6) as I would have had tears and tantrums if I'd had to choose between them.

So here are their photos:

Green - we live on the edge of the Brecon Beacons so on a day out it seemed very appropriate to stop at the top for Zac to take a photo.  I just love this one with all the different shades of green.  I was also very impressed - I don't think I could have taken a better photo.

Yellow - we went to a food festival last weekend and Ethan headed straight for the cheeses to take photos. The smell was a bit too strong for me so I stood back while he went for the perfect shot.  The stall holder did wonder what we were doing, but Ethan won her over with his smile.

Red: this is Ethan again, this time with the red chillies and salsa.  The boy really does love his food and I love how the colour of those chillies.

White - on another drive over the mountain Zac saw the clouds and thought this would represent white really well.  There was nowhere to stop so he had to take the photo from the car.  I love that the sky is lit up beneath the clouds.

Blue: on a day trip to Legoland we visited Star Wars Miniland where Zac took this very blue photo for the competition.  I have absolutely no idea what it is, though I'm guessing I probably should as I live in a house full of boys!

Both boys took some amazing photos of every colour of the rainbow and they had great fun in the process. I've also got lots of photos of random people and close ups of me (not good and will be deleted).

This is our competition entry for Travel Supermarket Kids Capture the Colour Competition.  Zac and Ethan received a camera in order to take part.